Photo: Avia Moore

Sasha Lurje, voice

Sasha Lurje was born in Riga, Latvia, and has been singing since she was three years old. She has gained experience with many groups and in various styles including classical and folk singing, jazz, rock, and pop. Parallel to her singing career she has also been involved in several theater groups where she focused on musical and improvised theater.


Since 2003 she has been researching traditional Yiddish singing style and repertoire, investigating secular and religious vocal materials.

Daniel Kahn, voice

Detroit-born, Berlin-based since 2005, fronts the punk-folk-klezmer band The Painted Bird, and is a founding member of The Unternationale, The Brothers Nazaroff, The Disorientalists, Strangelovesongs, and Semer Ensemble.


He tours the world as a singer, songwriter, translator, teacher, and theatre artist.

At Berlin's Maxim Gorki Theater he has worked as director/playwright, composer/actor, and music curator.

Emil Goldschmidt, clarinet

Clarinettist, composer and band-leader. Born in 1983 he started playing drums at an age of 8, but soon fell in love with the woodwinds. When he was 9 years old, he was admitted in The Tivoli Boys Guard on the clarinet, where he took his first steps in his professional career.


Emil Goldschmidt is trained in both classical music and in jazz/pop, but the old recordings of the Jewish masters, David Tarras, Shloimke Beckerman and Naftule Brandwein, showed him his musical path. He quickly discovered his own voice in Jewish music leading him to establish Mames Babegenush. Rooted in East European Jewish dance music Mames Babegenush has dazzled both audience and critics all over the world.

Samuel Maquin, clarinet

Samuel is musician and clarinet teacher. He is a founding member of the klezmer band Les Mentsh, Klezmer Bandit and You Shouldn't Know From It. Following the discovery of East European folk music in 2003, he devoted all his time to study the style and to constantly improve the quality of his interpretations. His research will push him to travel from Romania to the United States.


His curiosity and his singular style of playing brings him to play with many musicians and to play in many music genre: Electronic music, Classical, Hip-hop, Cumbia, Theater, Rock, Slam ....


Les Mentsh

Christian Dawid, brass & bass

Christian Dawid is a clarinetist, saxophonist, Yiddish music teacher, workshop leader, festival advisor, arranger, composer, and a casual trombonist and tubist. He performs and records internationally and is known for his work with Konsonans Retro, Trio Yas, Khupe, Arkady Gendler, Brave Old World, Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, Paul Brody's Sadawi, The Other Europeans and many more. He lives in Berlin.

Craig Judelman, violin

Craig Judelman grew up in Seattle, where he started playing the violin at age 4. He studied classical music until university, earning a degree in music form Bard College in New York, but became interested in folk music much earlier, learning his first klezmer tunes after seeing a band at a bar mitzve.

After spending much time studying and performing American folk music, and performing klezmer only for weddings and bar mitzves, he began to focus on it more after joining the Brooklyn based band Litvakus, and has since performed at festivals around North America and Europe, with them as well as his new project Goyfriend, a collaboration between Sasha Lurje and Litvakus.

He is known for his combination of groove-oriented folk style fiddling with classical technique, and his knowledge of Litvak, or North-eastern European klezmer tunes.

Photo: Manuel Miethe

Sanne Möricke, accordion

is a highly sought after klezmer accordionist. She studied ethnomusicology, then took up accordion studies and specialized in Yiddish instrumental music. In the course of time she played in several klezmer ensembles with different line-ups and styles. Currently she's playing with Klezgoyim, Trio Yas, and You Shouldn't Know From It. She has taught and performed at many international festivals and seminars from Friesland to New York and has performed with numerous international artists, such as Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars (USA), Yanky Lemmer (USA), and Ciğdem Aslan (TR). She lives in Berlin.

"Sanne's accordion is nothing to sneeze at..."

Ari Davidow, Klezmershack


Ilya Shneyveys, accordion

is an artist and educator in Jewish music, from klezmer and Yiddish folk song to fusion and experimental projects.

He is the artistic director and a founding member of the Yiddish psychedelic rock band Forshpil (Latvia-Russia-Germany) and a founding member of the Yiddish-Bavarian fusion project Alpen Klezmer (D), winner of 2014 RUTH World music award at TFF Rudolstadt. He frequently performs with Dobranotch (RU) and has collaborated with artists such as Opa! (RU), The Klezmatics (US), Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird (D) and others.

Photo: Marlene Karpischek

Photo: Dovile Sermokas

Hampus Melin, drums

is a Swedish drummer and teacher specialized in jazz, Klezmer and theater music. Since 2005 living in Berlin. He plays Yiddish music with Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, The Brothers Nazaroff, You Shouldn’t Know From It (amongst others) and is regularly on tour in both Europe and North America. He has worked at the Royal Theater Copenhagen, the Gorki Theater Berlin and frequently appears with local Berlin jazz bands like Goodnight Circus and Insomnia Brass Band.

Hampus Melin is also a founding member of the Neukölln Klezmer Sessions and Shtetl Neukölln Yiddish Festival.

Sayumi Yoshida, dance

She has lived in Berlin since 1987. She is a freelance graphic designer. Following her studies at the Hochschule der Kunste Berlin (today UdK) she worked as a freelance artist in diverse performances, sound and site installations.


She first learned Yiddish dance in 1989 with Michael Alpert and Brave Old World. She has also studied with Zev Feldman, Sue Foy, Erik Bendix, Steven Weintraub and Andreas Schmitges, among others. She has led workshops in Yiddish dance in Japan at Osaka University and fort the Japanese-Jewish Friendship and Study Society in Kobe. Since 2016 she has also led "Yiddish Dance for Instrumentalists" at "Yiddish Autumn Tokyo (YAT)."

Photo: Shendl Copitman