Instrumental workshop

Participants in the instrumental workshops will be divided by level and instrument and spend each day learning repertoire, style, theory and instrument technique with the individual instructors in their field. Workshop participants are then invited to show off what they've learned at jam sessions and the final student concert.



  • Emil Goldschmidt (clarinet)
  • Samuel Maquin (clarinet)
  • Christian Dawid (brass, bass)
  • Craig Judelman (fiddle)



  • lya Shneyveys (accordion)
  • Sanne Möricke (accordion)
  • Hampus Melin (drums)


Song workshop

Participants in the Yiddish vocal workshop will learn a range of Yiddish song styles and performance techniques. Love ballads, holiday songs, theater pieces, hassidic nigunim and other vocal gems will be taught by two of the leading Yiddish singers of the day.

No experience with Yiddish language or song necessary.

Singers are invited to join in the jam sessions and final student concert.



  • Sasha Lurje (song)
  • Daniel Kahn (song)
Dance workshop

Participants in dance workshops will learn from Sayumi Yoshida, one of the foremost Yiddish dance experts in the field. She'll get you familiar with different dance genres that you can then dance at jam sessions and the Shtetl Ball on Staurday.



  • Sayumi Yoshida (dance)

Workshops are open to all levels and backgrounds.


Languages of instruction - English and German, plus occasionally Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, French, Latvian, Japanese and Yiddish (upon request).